Improve safety, reduce maintenance costs, and optimize treatment equipment operation with automation!

Algae, Grease, Debris, Scum, Foam, Sludge, and other materials can accumulate, diminishing equipment function and requiring regular cleaning maintenance that is both time consuming and hazardous. Automated Cleaning and Control Systems can address the collection areas of the unwanted material with the use of water. These debris control methods use less water and energy, require less maintenance time, and do not use chemicals.

Automated Cleaning Systems remove the algae, scum, grease and other material from the weirs and other surfaces on clarifiers, thickeners and other tanks. WeirWasher, ACS uses plant non-potable water to clean irregular and porous surfaces, bolts and any other irregularities. We have systems for square and irregular applications as well. WeirWasher, ACS designs have been in service for over 7 years. Our nozzles are in use in many industrial applications and have proven to be the best available. WeirWasher ACS can clean surfaces under the water level up to one foot under water. Request a copy of a study being conducted to determine the effectiveness of this system and the direct effect to UV chamber fouling.

Eco-Blaster, Biological Control Systems address a wide range of material control concerns including foam, scum, grease, algae, sludge, paper, pulp, rags, sand, stones, or other undesirable material automatically without the use of chemicals. Applications include aeration basins, clarifiers, head works, feed wells, screens, EQ basins, wet wells, gravity belt thickeners, etc. Screens, for instance, require a simple retrofit of the existing sprayer or brush with effective results for a minimal investment. The cost savings for foam applications are significant when compared to the cost of de-foaming chemicals. Significantly reduce the maintenance time, costs, and chemical requirements while improving the cake production of a gravity belt thickener. Grease accumulation will lead to odor concerns, degredation of the the tank walls, probes, ladders and other components and can pose hazards for staff to remove. Utilization of an automated system will prevent this accumulation, including the thick mats of grease. Moderate foaming can become problematic in the anearobic zone of aeration basins when the foam amasses and thickens. Pest infestations, odor problems and cleaning concerns are easily eliminated with an Eco-Blaster design.

Weir Shield Odor and Light Control Systems are comprised of aluminum laminate panels with a co polymer core applied to clarifier launders to prevent algae growth or as current density baffles.

Features of WeirWasher, ACS: