Radial and linear trough automated cleaning system chain, flight, and tube/plate settlers

Automated cleaning of transverse and longitudinal applications is impossible. UNTIL NOW! Operators have been required to un-safely enter tanks to clean and remove the accumulation of material in the center of the tanks, outfalls or other areas. Most situations are dangerous and present possible drowning situations, slip and fall injuries, exposure to untreated materials and exposure to extremely dangerous environments. With the reduction of facility budgets and staffing, the operational performance of equipment and its maintenance have a tendency to be reduced or neglected. With automated cleaning plant efficiency can be maintained.

Inaccessable applications that have never been available for automated cleaning now can have systems for periodic automated cleaning. Mining float cell weirs can be controlled automatically with the use of air or water down the length of the weir. Engineered spray designs are applied to each application depending upon the material being controlled, varying from solid stream or flat fan for heavier materials to a fog spray for light material control. Materials that are been controlled are metal fines, polymers, algae, grease, wood pulp, fats, etc.

The diversity of the drive system and fluid delivery to any surface, either horizontal or to varying degrees such as post aeration step outfalls allows for automated control and cleaning in all applications. Please feel free to contact us anytime with your unusual and complicated applications.