EPA: Environmental Protection Agency CDX
SWRCB: State Water Resources Control Board
WaterWatch: US Geological Survey's information and pictures of water conditions

Industry / Education
Adopt-A-Watershed: Place Based Leadership Development to help the community develop educational programs focused on the local watershed, encouraging environmental stewardship and enhancing student learning.
Water Technology: "The website for the water industry"
Hi Tech Clarifiers: Water and Wastewater Treatment Equipment
Drinking Water Kids: National Drinking Water Clearinghouse site about the water cycle and other information for children
Sewer Science: A hands-on lab that teaches middle and high school students about municipal wastewater treatment using specially designed tanks, analytical equipment, and a student workbook.
WESTECH Clarifiers: Process Equipment Supplier

Seminars / Events
Tri-State: Tri-State Seminar on the River

YouTube videos
Water Spray Penetration
GillTrading on Youtube
GillTrading and GillTeq R&D

Sewer Connection: E-discussion group for drain cleaning and pipeline maintenance.
NSFC: National Small Flows Clearinghouse: Pipeline Newsletter & Small Flows Quarterly (free to US residents)

WEF: The official website of the Water Environment Federation
Tri-TAC: A Technical Advisory Committee formed from CWEA, the League of California Cities, and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies.
CASA: California Association of Sanitation Agencies
CA/NV AWWA: California-Nevada American Water Works Association
HWEA: Hawaii Water Environment Association
IWPCA: Indiana Water Pollution Control Association
PNCWA: Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association
VWEA: Virginia Water Environment Association

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